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CHALLENGE 2022-2023

Charity Recipient: Ohio Quilts of Valor

Quilts are to be brought to the May meeting where Viewer's Choice voting will take place.

1st prize $100 ‐ 2nd prize $75 ‐ 3rd prize $50

Size: 55‐65” wide; 65‐80” long

* Red, White/Cream, Blue and Yellow/Gold quilt shop quality
* No flannel, glitter, embellishments, florals.
* Do not use fabric specific to one branch of the military.
* Quilts must have a top, backing, and batting.
* Can be quilted by entrant or long arm quilter, no tied quilts.
* The quilt top should not be one large flag design as it resembles the flag on a veteran's coffin. Multiple flag blocks are fine.
* One entry per person.

For more information,  contact Jill Holt,  Challenge Chairman.
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