COVID-19 Response

The following plan has been submitted and approved by the Church for our meetings:

  1. All METAL chairs, tables, podium and microphone will be cleaned prior to and at end of meeting.  Fabric chairs will be sprayed with a cleaner.

  2. EVERYONE must wear masks that cover both nose and mouth.

  3. Temperatures will be taken as members walk in the door. Any temp. of 100.4 or over will not admitted.

  4. There will a sign-in sheet, separate from the sign-in sheet for door prizes, that will become an official record who attended the meetings.

  5. There will be hand sanitizer available.

  6. Members must pick a spot and stay seated for the meeting.

  7. For the time being, there will no longer be a free table.

  8. Restrooms will be open and will be sanitized prior to meeting.  Anyone using the restroom to is asked to use the provided Lysol  to clean handles, etc.

  9. The church has cleaning supplies.